General Description

The Solympiad is a free to enter competition hosted here on Study of Life! It consists of 50 Multiple Choice and Multiple True/False questions (similar to the USABO Open exam). The Solympiad is a low pressure competition where students can test their knowledge against their peers! In addition, this can give them some competition experience to help prepare with the upcoming USA Biology Olympiad.

Test Day To-Do List

  • The test will be open for submission from Saturday, Feburary 4th to Saturday Feburary 11th. We recommend you to alot a 90 minute session with a calculator to solve the questions. Although we can't enforce you to not use external resources while taking the exam, we strongly encourage you to not use external resources for the exam to be an accurate indicator of how you are doing relative to other people.

  • The test is posted here. Please submit yoru answers here

  • Make sure you're logged into your google account before you start the test. If you aren't logged in, the submission form will not show up on the page. If you find yourself in this situation, just login to google in another tab, then switch back to the test page and refresh.

  • Make sure to submit your test in time. There will be no time warning, and any submissions after the deadlines simply won't be received. Keep in mind that you HAVE to answer every question, so if you try submitting 1 minute before the deadline with 20 blanks, you might be in for a stressful minute.

  • Make sure to have a pencil and piece of paper with you (and probably a calculator). Some problems will be MUCH easier with these supplies. However, please make sure that piece of paper is scratch, not something like notes or a textbook.

  • Last of all: don't cheat. Don't look up stuff online, don't flip through a textbook, don't phone a friend. We want this to be a chance for you and many other students in the same position to see where they lie. The only way to get accurate statistics is if people take the test fairly.

Solympiad Rules

When the competition is live, we’ll add a link to a page that has the test and google form for answer submission side by side. Make sure you’re logged into your google account before opening the link, because if you aren’t, the form actually won’t show up. The google form will stop receiving answers precisely one hour after opening so SUBMIT THE TEST BEFORE THIS TIME. In addition, all questions must be filled in to submit the test, so if you think you’ll have several blank questions at the end, save a few minutes to guess on them. You can use scratch paper (recommended) but not any notes, books, or online resources.

For answers with multiple correct answers, scoring is all or none – you only get points if you select all of the correct answers and no extras. After the test is graded, we will email each contestant their score. We will post some test statistics and the top few scores/scorers. There is no official sign up besides just taking and submitting the test!