Ethology (Animal Behavior)

The ethology section, which is 5% of the test, mostly comes from just one chapter of Campbell's. Make sure to know Chapter 51 really well. Additionally, look at the links below and do lots of practice problems. Understand coefficient of relatedness, as this comes up on almost every semifinals test.

The sparknotes study guide for Animal Behavior (found at the bottom of the page) sums up a lot of information from in and out of Campbell's.

This link on Coefficient of Relatedness gives a heuristic method of calculating coefficient of relatedness that is very helpful. Practice your skills with the practice problems at the end of the page.

If you think you have coefficient of relatedness down, try problems on Bumblebee Coefficient of Relatedness! Under what situations would it be advantageous for drones to take care of the queen's offspring rather than their own offspring?