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Study of Life (or as we like to say, "SoL") is an organization dedicated to biology. That's it. Biology. Whether you don't quite understand a concept from class, or want help on standardized tests like the AP Biology test and competitions like the USA Biology Olympiad exam (USABO), or just want to learn about what opportunities are out there, we are here to help!

Between us (Yilun and Varun), we've participated in a variety of biology-related competitions including Science Olympiad, Science Bowl, and the USA Biology Olympiad. We've had amazing experiences and want to encourage students to participate and spread awareness of these opportunities. Our goal is for Study of Life to be a home base for students to find resources helping them with preparation for whatever opportunities they chance upon.

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Community News

  • The time slots for the February 2015 Solympiad have been announced! Check them out at the Solympiad page, and study up for round two of our competition! In addition, visit the Solympiad page to see the test, key, and score report for the January 2015 Solympiad. If you're curious about any of the questions or answers, join us at the brand new Study of Life Forum to discuss the Solympiad!

  • We’ve published our brand new Study of Life Wiki! So far, we’ve written a few articles to get you started, but we need everyone to contribute to make this resource the most awesome it can be! Visit us at

  • Want to learn topics beyond the scope of Campbell's Biology? Check out our new Advanced Topic Lessons (also linked on the Tutoring page)

  • We have started a problem set circle where each member writes at least 10 problems a month and gets access to hundreds more written by the other members. If you're interested in joining, email us at for more info. If you are a current member of the circle, you can access it here. For information on guidelines and how to join, check out the wiki page here